Lv. 70 combat looking for clan

I am a lv. 70 combat with 68 range looking for a clan being preferably a ranger

Finally someone good. I own the Clan Guthix Elites. We are rangers and would love to have you. We are a newer clan but are growing fast. heres our web.

how new?

If you have AIM talk to me on that uh well we have been up for about 7 days and are still working on it but we have allies so we are progressing and i think that answers your question.

join the pillars of runescape. we are a clan for all. we have over 20 people in the clan and are in search of more. we accept all who wish to join. we have been around since before halloween. the requirement is a cape of any color and we prefer green. you can be head ranger if you want since we currently have no rangers and you have a higher range than everyone else in the clan.