n e body interested in a lv 36 pure pk,er for thier clan?, i would like to know wat is available,

we need a head pker. you have a high enough level to allow to become head pker. join the pillars of runescape. you can help plan the pking trips if you join.

correction im now lv 38, so wat kind of clan is this and how many people do u have? wand wat r ur combat requirments.

i want to join the pillars of runescape im lvl 49 but pm or talk to me on runescape my name is chaos lordv

oh and by the way my username is syntic14, talk to me about it on rs.

their is no requirement for my clan accept a cape preferably green. we have about 30 members and accept all who wish to join.

how many members u got any wat r the lvs?

i dont know the exact amount of people in my clan and they have different levels some of them are above 40.

ok so when will u be on ,add me my username is syntic14.we can talk on rs