Lvl 120 Rock Golem!


Yay finally but the reward wasint worth it :stuck_out_tongue: :evil:

photbucket auto sized it!

i wish i still had lvl 120 rock golems :cry:


all i did was attacked ran behind rock…

attacked ran behind rock it’s quite simple… then when he was about half health i put prayer on and killed him within about 12hits lol im weak!

nice but to bad it was auto sized lol

i know that stinks… lol’

but hey. loose the pictures because there too big (bandwith) or have them autosized?

i’d go with autosized…

Yea, the 120’s died alot easier, 159’s are a pain in the pants

lol those are easy

lol i get 159 golims

One time my friend killed a lvl 79 golem and got a rune pic

I get lvl 49 onces! Wow thats hi, is that a cheat?