*****lvl 30to50 clan*****(older lvls are alowed) this is the first girls only clan!

this clan will rok
we are called the adi princeses
girls only clan!!
no guys or all clan war on that one guy! :slight_smile:
we also do quests together and not just warsif you would likke to jion just leave your user name mines baranbas9only requirement is full adi with rune shield and sword(lower lvls use adi scimi and shield)

Organise it properly newb…

Forum, website, signatures, information, etc…

dont flame its mean…especially 2 a lady :smiley:
constuctive critism next time

She seems to have something agains males - She even asked if my clan was girls only… Thats what I call newby…

Yea that’s mean against males little “adi pricess” people. Rofl your requirments are stupit you need full “adi” and rune sword? I could be your lvl and have 99 str but I don’t have full “adi” so I can’t join rofl.

Plan it properly like I planned my clan - It takes six months.

it doesnt take 6 months to plan a clan!!! if you actually try it takes like 1 day!

I cant get:

Good Forum, Good Website, Good Images, Good Sigs, Good Avvys, etc, in one day…

i hate it when ppl just think they can start a clan by posting on a forum some requirments…

they can make a clan that way but its unorganized and turns inactive within a week usaully… anyways titan…when you start a clan you begin it with a small group of people, which makes it possible to do all that stuff