Lvl 41 Looking for a clan!

combat: 41
strength: 45
attack/defend: 26
hp: 37
smithing: 29
cooking: 37
woodcutting: 44

I have the day off from school tomorrow, so I’ll probably be working on my account all day :slight_smile: Currently just f2p, might upgrade though, haven’t decided yet only been playing for a week or so :stuck_out_tongue:

rsaccountname: N E Tz E R O (with spaces)


join supreme pk 40+. website “” go to the joining forum and post there
sickmate 8) my website for my clan. My runescape name is DMAN70 :slight_smile:

how could you get 2 lvl 41 and be playin 4 1 week???

join the pillars of runescape. we will accept anyone who wishes to join unlike most clans. please reply.

waste a whole sunday doing nothing but clicking cows near the crafting guild…nvr crowded and if you don’t bother with the bones, you lvl up pretty quick :stuck_out_tongue:

join dragon fear, talk to ryanakers3