lvl 43 lookin 4 a good clan

hi im lookin 4 a clan who helps out alot and who has alot of ppl in it, i could help alot of pll out


                                                          my name in rs mocco1

Heya, join the Kalphite legends, it’s great, im in it too.

If you would like to join to help lead some PKing units, teach others to make pures and loads more, []click here

If not, registration is simple, click this link and fill out the app: Apply here.

wanna make some money from pking.

join here

if yor 43 your not getting into a good clan sorry to admit it but…

so, mocco, ur looking for a clan? good luck. and btw; just cuz ur a lower lvl, like 43, doesnt mean your gonna be in a bad clan.
ur just pessimistic.

look 43 is good. you never know he might have high attack for a lvl 43’er. JOIN MY CLAN PLZ!!!

Join ulitimate pkers!

Req: 35+combat!
*IF you are below this reguirement, you could pk with our pures and still be a member.

The average level for the clan members are around 60.


You may use these in your signature to advertise the clan.

Hope you will like our clan.

The ShadeBlades is a fairly old clan with a completely new forum, so with the new forum we are also recruiting! The ShadeBlades is a clan with the following requirements, but remember, the requirements are negotiable!

40+ Combat or
40+ Magic or
40+ Range or
40+ Strength or
40+ Prayer or
40+ in 10 or more skills

As you can see, most people will meet the requirements, which are negotiable!

There will be many Trips and Events when the clan has many active members, and we are always open to suggestions for improvement! There are places in the forum for advice, announcements of trips and events, places to sell, buy and trade items on runescape, and places to talk about all the aspects of Runescape F2P and P2P, and a place where you dont have to talk about runescape! The Shadeblades is more than just a runescape clan, its also a place to make new friends and make runescape infinietely more enjoyable.

So visit this URL and post your name, and other stuff like skills and combat lvl on a new thread, and fill out the registration form to become part of a great new developing clan!

Leader- Milodines
CoAdmin- Despized