lvl 45 skeletons

i have a good idea…well at least i think it is…i think the lvl 45 skeletons should drop big bones…i mean it only makes sense…theyre big…sry if someone already mentioned this im a noob at forums

it does make sence, because thy r bigger than the normal 1’s

ya thats a good suggestion makes perfect sense to

That’d be nice but then the places where lv 45 skeletons spawn will be crowded because of the big demand and high pay for big bones…

yes…but arent the giant caves way overcrowded all the time anyways?
i think that if the (45) skeletons dropped big bones it would help bring down the price of big bones and keep the giant cave somewhat open…and some of the noobs(30 & under) could get owned by a lesser if they dont watch their step in the karamja dungeon

True but a lot of high level people play RS as well so if the price for it does drop then I’m predicting a very little price drop and you’d just have high level peeps overcrowding the level 45 skele spawn spots and lower levels still crowding the giants place…

It would be a good idea to move lvl 45 skeletons to members world for big bone drops. or only make member skeletons drop big bones.

they should make Skeleton Giants lv 45 and drop big bones. not just a regular skeley :twisted: