lvl 47 miner for hiring

im offering to mine coal and iron for anyone who needs it for 20k a month



(if i missed any and you want it plz post it)

Edit. Im sry but im all booked but ill post again when im free

i am hiring you to mine iron, coal ,silver, gold. i need as much as you can get. i will always buy!!!

i want u to mine me 500 coal, i need it as soon as possible, ill pay u 110 each.

okay pm me on runescape

ill have em rdy for you about next thursday pm me too add u to friends

could you mine me 100 silver? but make me pay you 150gp each?

I guess but itll take longer

to elaborate on what i said earlier…

I would like 10k coal at 125 each
10k iron at 50 each
10k silver at 200 each
10k gold at 250 each

…in other words i can keep you busy. if you accept this job, then please sell to me ever 500-1000 ores that you have (as i would like to have the ores befor eyou get all 10k and you would probably like to have money before that point). so sell me ores when you get them, and i’ll keep you busy (and rich)

EDIT:: I just saw the part about 20k/month… how many ores are we talking about per month?

wow thats quite the sum ill try but thatl take me months

and the 20k thing is like 500 each tops a month

so how many would you like to sell per week? why dont we just work on meeting up one day a week and making the cash for goods exchange. the things i need most now are the silver, gold, and coal.

okay ill start on mining those 3 and i think ill sell bout 250 - 300 of each a week

sounds good. i will buy more if you can mine more

consider yourself a permanent supplier? I will ALWAYS buy from you.

okay deal

first purchase one week from today?

okay :wink:

just pme me when you are ready for the first order

NOTE:too all other hirers due too keysors requests i will have too postponeon your orders thank you