lvl 48 lookin for a clan that does stuff

hi im lookin for a clan that does stuff cause it seems all the clans i have tried arent orginized here are my lvls pm me rsn jimned
combat 47
att 40
strength 40
mining 58
crafting 33
smithing 45 (which i am working on)
fishing 49
cooking 46
firemaking 35
woodcutting 40
hitpoints 38
range 2
overall lvls 558
prayer 21
magic 39
rune crafting 28

well, my clan is a bit odd of a name… so i will be making a new name for it… and we are a Mining and Smithing clan to get money! so i see that your mining is good and your smithing is good as well! so here is a website for you to apply if you want!

ty i will look into it

join the pillars of runescape. we accept all who wish to join. i am starting to plan a pking trip and we have mining trips all the time.