lvl 50 combat looking 4 a clan

i am urgently looking 4 a clan 2 join i am a memb and have:
lvl 42 attack
lvl 41 strength
lvl 41 defence
lvl 10 ranged (working on)
lvl 28 prayer
lvl 20 magic
lvl 14 runecrafting
lvl 41 health
lvl 17 agility
lvl 16 herblore
lvl 33 thieving
lvl 30 crafting
lvl 20 fletching
lvl 23 slayer
lvl 44 mining
lvl 39 smithing
lvl 31 fishing
lvl 26 cooking
lvl 42 woodcutting
lvl 41 firemaking
lvl 18 farming

i am realy despiratly looking 4 a rune platebody, platelegs and longsword :hyper:

Well, if you train your combat level 5 more levels you can join the Clan of Fremennik. You have plenty of time to do that since the next meeting is next Sunday. Learn more about the clan in the links in my siggy.

You could’ve taken screenshot of your stats instead of writing them all out

Join the Death leaders

requirments 35+combat or 30+combat amd 30+mage or range


This clan will be an active clan with pk trips almost every day

we will also have drop partys and alot more

Join Eternity! :slight_smile:
Make a lot of new friends and chat and be happy on our forums. Lots of new people to meet, we have a very unique ranking system, a very cool and well organized forum and lots of events! We’ve got everything you need! Put in an application and then register on our forums. We have 30+ members and make around 3 new members a day.

Most importantly, we want pures to join. Because of our new ranking system. We have 3 divisions. Melee, Mage and Ranged. When you join our clan you need to join one of these. Pures would be especially good.

All info at our super cool looking forums here


You meet most of our requirements and i would certainly accept your application if you ever want to join the clan. The Skull Knight’s Clan is a very active clan, we frequently organise events and we have many unique features such as: an online auction room, games arcade, online radio station and even personal blogs for registered users!

For more information about the SKC be sure to visit: .

If you are wanting to ask any questions about the clan before registering or wish to register via our forums please visit: .

If you don’t meet the requirements for SKC thats not a problem anymore because we have introduced our junior clan called Warrior’s reborn. The requirements for this clan are MUCH lower and can be found at: . Our junior clan was introduced on the 23rd of nov 2005, so its quite new and needs more members!!


The Runescape Armed Forces Would Like You To Enlist.

The ShadeBlades is a fairly old clan with a completely new forum, so with the new forum we are also recruiting! The ShadeBlades is a clan with the following requirements, but remember, the requirements are negotiable!

40+ Combat or
40+ Magic or
40+ Range or
40+ Strength or
40+ Prayer or
40+ in 10 or more skills

As you can see, most people will meet the requirements, which are negotiable!

There will be many Trips and Events when the clan has many active members, and we are always open to suggestions for improvement! There are places in the forum for advice, announcements of trips and events, places to sell, buy and trade items on runescape, and places to talk about all the aspects of Runescape F2P and P2P, and a place where you dont have to talk about runescape! The Shadeblades is more than just a runescape clan, its also a place to make new friends and make runescape infinietely more enjoyable.

So visit this URL and post your name, and other stuff like skills and combat lvl on a new thread, and fill out the registration form to become part of a great new developing clan!

Leader- Milodines
CoAdmin- Despized