lvl 6 mining mith,coal and addy!!!!

just befour the lava maze i saw a lvl 6 mining coal addy and mith and WTF!!! 8O XD

dude there are lvl 3 miners out there with santa hats and mining runes. its called being a pure miner

hehe, is usually high lvl players dat do this

They train their noob account hella high and when they get to 85 mining or 84 wit da dwarve stout they go to wild and start mining runite

Is scary though lol, im lvl 81 and only hav 61 mining

suddenly a lvl 3 comes up and starts mining da addy!!!

dang! my mining is level 60 and i mean just recently too!. that is pretty good

tho i am trying to keep my smithing in pace with my mining lv

i think thats pretty common, ive already seen lvl 3s cutting yew trees. The tree spirit pops up and he runs saying he doesnt want to b lvl 4 combat

being a pure miner, wc, or anything is kinda strange
but it has some logic in it

The logic in being a pure miner is that its rare to see anyone lower than 50 at rune rox so the odds of you being attacked are small.[/i]

heh funny…

i just have a question what wildy? level are rune rocks in?