Lvl 60 looking for a clan!

im looking for a clan im lvl 60 names Dark Hascom i like lots of clan wars and pking let me know i also have good stats in mining and stuff

I also have full rune /w kite and rune b-axe and full black (g) trim i have lvl 41 mage and 55 str. i can hit 14’s /w rune b-axe and im a pretty good pker :stuck_out_tongue:

Join my clan lvl 40+ only we got about 44+ members clan contact me villevalo669 or roy2189

the pillars of runescape will take anyone. we will take you. PM me with your reply. i like your stats we can use you.

join us we do that daily well will hol A pkiling event 5 times a day and we can do more if in the mood we have many abilatys from mages archers and warriorsa you are most welcome. our site is underc onstrution at the moment