Lvl 60 Smither looking for a clan!

Hey, my smithing is 60, im looking for a clan who needs a full or half-time smither. I can smith anything up to a mith battleaxe at the moment, but im working hard to improve it, and im sure that with the help of a clan i can get even better. Message Azrael Flynn in game if you want to recruit me.

waat kind of clan ru talking about i have a pk,ing clan would u be interested?

Well you could join the moriquiendi clan but you need to be 65+ combat.

you can join my clan, really new, but still a clan, you need 50+ combats and 30+ skill or just 60+ skill

my combat lvl is 54, and im looking for any clan that will accept a lv 60 smither and use my skills as one. Example: the clan provides me bars and ill smith them stuff for the pks. I’m not refusing pk trips, i will do them if needed as well.

hmm oh i know
on the mining trips we give you the ores, and you smith them into some items, like some of us will provide coal and some will provide the mith

so waddaya say, sorry the clan isnt that active now tho

Sounds cool. I’ll work for yer guys when the clan is active. Anyone else willing to hire me?

the pillars of runescape take all. you have better smithing than our head smither. if you join you can be our new head smither.