lvl 62 looking for a clan

These are my stats

combat 62
attack 50
defence 50
strength 52
hitpoints 50
prayer 34
magic 40
cooking 57
woodcutting 40
fishing 55
firemaking 38
crafting 40
smithing 46
mining 63
runecrafting 32

must be a well-known clan.

i am not a member

join the heros till the end of time or the elvenbanedragons.

Accepting both members and non-members

US army ranking system



Chatroom :smiley:

Just started couple weeks ago

50+ combat clan

the morquedi , but u need 3 more lvls

U can join tempest knights. ure welcome
player mssg me
(highest combat 93)
:twisted: :evil: :lol: 8) :smiley: :slight_smile: :o :roll:

I am making a new clan called “The Legion of Ten Warriors.” Therefore, there will be only 10 of the finest warriors (at least really good)

The People will be called: 

Knight (2 will join) 
Archer (2 will join) 
Scimitarian (uses Scimitar - 1 will join) 
Battleaxien (uses battleaxe - 1 will join) 
Wizard (3 will join) 
Me (Knight/archer - i only count as one not two) 


Knight - lvl 50+ attack
Archer - lvl 50+ ranged
Scimitarian - lvl 50+ strength
Battleaxien - lvl 50+ strength
wizard - lvl 45+ magic

i wish for 3 knights to join 
i wish for 1 battleaxiens to join 
i wish for 3 wizards to join 
i wish for 2 archers to join 
i wish for 1 scimitarian to join 

-there is no leader, we all have equal rights and say in what we do.
-wear any outfit you please
-any level can join as long as they have the requirments

~apply for membership below, plz list what you wish to be, and list if you have the requirment or not - you may register on Runescape2 - My user name is Al Paca1