~lvl 63 killed~

ok i was killing mens and womens for clue scrolls and i see a guy in black g legs walk out skulled i go out and use super att and a str pot and hit him for a 20 with obby maul then switched to dds hit 14 then 15 15 ftw!

Nice pk, how much they worth anyway

thats a solid pk right there…nice hits too

thanks well i sold em for 45k… just know =) :cold:

you know un4given pk3r…


omg… he kept bsing me like 9 months ago… his stats r still pathetic… maybe its someone else…

gratz on the kill… but you should have sold 4 higher

i really didn’t care about the price and i dont know even why he is on my list he still bs’s everyone i think my friend put him on.:eye-poppi

nce pk man!

oh ya i saw u typing that to me but i was fighting that dds kill on my other topic at that time. gj tho :slight_smile: i asked u if u were p2p pkin u never answered but oh well :slight_smile:

nice pk man

o sorry im f2p pking right know you can come with me if you want :slight_smile:

kk :[) lol

Nice PK. Add me on Y H I H Y? Also, do you still play on Rang3 4 Rsr?

great kill m8…but whats with the cake =]

nice job on kill man

Good job:)

k ogo and yea i do play on him just not as much =) range gets boring i like warrior better though i might put all my stuff on rang3 and do dt on him instead since he has 43 prayer and rangers i have seen do better in the wildy with ancients… :soapbox:

edit: i was training… and just grabbed some food.

once i was with this 67 on castoo and the 67 guy wouldn’t skull, so un4given and some other guy are running down to giants, i accidently attack un4given

the dumb 67 tells un4given to share the kill that he got, and i said to the 67, you didn’t help and un4given thought i was talking about attacking him and wouldn’t drop it and bsed me… -.-

oooo stupid noobehs:stirthepo just pked a lvl 79 for dds and str ammy and full sharks :slight_smile: