lvl 68 mage (61 combat) looking for clan!!!!!!!!!!11

hey im looking for a good clan

rs name- Ivan5784

Well my clan might not be good but its a clan that needs help so um if u think im a total noob tell me and ill stop asking now

join nemesis warriors. we currently have 50+ registered members. the reqs are combat lvl 60+.

awsome i would love to join…fill me in on the details…thanks a bunch



Im reqruiting members for a~pretty established clan: the Seanchanes.
We have about 20 members, and are still growing fast.
(yesterday we where 14:)

We mostly go PK’ing, but we also have many other events, like drop parties, bronze war, iron war +++
(but if you dont like PK, then you should try something else

If you are interested, please check out the clan website at” or the clan forum at “”

Please check it out!