lvl 68 miner looking for coal job

im looking for a job mining coal 150 ea. if interested my account name is siverdrag16 (not silverdrag16) please contact me on runescape. (if i have my private chat off then i will be in the mining guild usually in a dallas world) =)

i want as much coal as you can supply il buy for 150 ea


I’ll take 6k coal incase you see this before I see you on =)

I’ll be a perma buyer of coal 160ea :slight_smile:

I can start buying in 1-3 days if that works for you

rsn: overvolt

I’ll buy 165 gp each for all the coal you can get me :slight_smile:

Omg>>>> Lol, out bid in less than a minute!

??? WHat??? Whats so scary and funny?

x2ryan2x was the first to contact me on rs so hes first, (getting him 6k coal 165 ea) then ill be your permanant supplyer red (this will go faster once i get a membership and am able to mine by coal trucks) Ill keep this thread up and look in every now and then for better offers but for now i have my work cut out for me =) thx

get me 2k coal plz i pay all i dont care how long it takes