lvl 71 wc on goku

w00t! lvl 71 wc :slight_smile:

Ooo gratz! good luck on getting 75! :smiley:

well its actually 71, but im aimin for 80+

i thought u were mad =)…

im over it, i have been hacked many times before (always seems to be when i get the most cash i ever have) and i know that whining and crying about it wont fix anything, so im working on wc and cutting yews for money :slight_smile: so far i just started lol

wc is really long… i would rather whine and cry then wc =)… go back to merchanting =)

ye mines 74 i just cant be botherd 2 cut 5 more yewz down lol

rofl, just do it lol

oh, and bryan i cant work on merchanting since i have no money, but i can cut upto like 2k yews before my members runs out (atleast 2k i hope) and then later i can make my wc, and fletching acct a member and then make yew longs then string em, so on so forth blah blah blah (i have 82 wc on my fletching pure, and 89 fletching on him too)