lvl 76 looking for a clan!

stats r right below…
no wildy clans and i decline
rs name… is Necros Magic!!

We Are The Darkness League!

We arent going to give some list of all the fancy stuff we do
follow the url to our site
Any other info? contact

Do NOT Post Here If Your Not Going To come To events OR Be Active

Dont both Registering!!!

F2P :97
P2P :99

Forum Link:

Shadow Warriors



75+ Combat —
80+ Range / Mage If Combat Requirments Not Met
[li]If you are…
[li]Someone Who Flame’s Other Clans…
[/li][li]Scared To Lose Rune…
[/li][li]Wont’ Be Active
Then Don’t Both Registering On our Forum
[/ul]Hi, I come from Shadow Warrior’s.SW Is A Clan that is Going Great.
If your Looking For a Clan, No worry’s, No problems, Just Having Pure Fun and Hanging

Out, Owning People In the Wild…

You’ll Fit in This Clan Very Well.

Clan Name:Shadow Warriors (SW)
Clan Combat Average: 90.4
Clan Hitpoints Average: 74.8
Clan Member Count: 17
War Record: 1 - 0
Fun War/Mini War Record: 0 - 0


Kalphite Queen (Drop Shared)
King Black Dragon
Snowball Fights
Mini Wars
Fun Wars
Official Wars
Castle Wars
Fight Pits

There Are Space’s Open So Apply And get A good rank Before The Clan has 100+ Member!

Leader: Arnan1991 (99 CB)

Co-Leader:RichyRich75 (115 CB)
Co-Leader:Homies43 (95 cb)

Warlord: Teazer1(90 + range)

High Council:thewhiteboy1 (86 CB)

Recruiter:Smallskull99 (84 cb)
Recruiter:Steven B13

F2P or P2P: [i]Our clan includes both free players and members. We do our best to

have both f2p and p2p clan activities To make It fair We Make Sure both f2p and p2p event


Events: [i]Not interested in PKing? Looking for a relaxing, enjoyable time just

hanging out with other players? We have a very active event team that keeps us all busy

with fun activities. Some examples of these include Fight Pits, Kalphite Queen Trips,

Barrows Trips, Caste Wars, Drop Parties, Fun Wars.[/i]

PK Trips: [i]THE REAL SPORTS OF RUNESCAPE! This is No Event For the lil’Livered,

Pumping Adrenaline Threw The Body Hounding For Action In the Wild, Chasing Someone

Watching Them screem Away! Getting those Free Rune and Items 1 Step At a time to becoming

An Elite Pker, Nothing’s Stopping You![/i]

How to Join:
[b]1. Go to the our site and READ THE RULES.
3. Click on the “Apply” forum.
4. Read the “Requirements and Application Form” topic and COPY the application form.
5. Go back to the “Apply” forum and click “New Topic”
6. PASTE the form into the new topic and fill out all information. Then click submit.
7. Make sure to register for an account on our forums by clicking the “Register” button

on the forum index page. Please use your runescape name when registering but[/b]

NOT your runescape password!

Hello i am the leader of the assassins of night clan we have around 48 (1 unregistered) members. Our highest level is 95. I’m level 95. Our average is about 75. We have a new forum so not every1 has regestered there. Our website is we have many events including castle wars, tzhaar fight pits, f2p pk trips, we will do p2p when we get more people coming regurly, kbd, 'fun events, fundraisers, drop partys for some holidays, and you can host your own event just don’t overlap any other events pre plannedthat are posted. Requirements is level 40+ though some exceptions may vary. Lvl 30+ with a Referall. Our clan treasury holds 203k


Ze Bloodz

These are just some i just started taking pics last events so only ones i have

Join Runescape’s Magical Order: A Runescape mage clan
Your mage is 60, you could become a high rank member of our clan.
Our clan members are specialized in mage and runecrafting.

More info on our website

Well, we do have pking trips in the wildy, BUT there are tons of other things you can enjoy with us if you decide not to go to the pking trips.

Join Saradomin Soldiers

  1. Introduction

  2. How to Apply

  3. How to Allie

  4. Events

  5. Conclusion

  6. Introduction

Hi I have just started this clan April 15th!! We are new but when we get people I know we will be good!! Our cape color is blue for F2p and a sara cape or wildy cape that’s blue for P2p!! We are F2p and P2p and you need 60+ combat or 55+ mage or range 50+ combat junior member!! IF YOU APPLY PLEASE REGISTER WITH RS NAME ONLY AND REGISTER BEFORE APPLYING!!

  1. How to Apply

You must have 60+ combat or 55+ mage or range or 50+ combat junior member to join!! When you get to the forum then find apply here and copy and paste the application format into a new topic!! Then after you apply you must register and introduce yourself. The forums site is

  1. How to Allie

When you go to the forums then you find the forum alliance. After that you will copy and paste the application format into a new topic and wait till one of our leaders or co leaders to accept you. When you are accept you must register.

  1. Events

We will have the events as follows!!!

  1. Snowball Fight
  2. Wars
  3. Pk Trips
  4. P2p Kalphite Queen
  5. P2p KBD
  6. Training Trips (any stat)
  7. P2p Fishing Trawler
  8. P2p Castle Wars
  9. P2p Fight Pits
  10. Monk Wars
  11. Battle Royal
  12. Chaos Element P2p

You can also Propose an Event that we could have if it sounds good!! :smiley:

Pk trip Schedule!!

Pk Trip Mondays 6:30 EST World 6 P2p World 33 F2p
Pk Trip Wensdays 6:30 EST World 6 P2p World 33 F2p
Pk Trip Fridays 2:00 EST World 6 P2p World 33 F2p
Pk Trip Sundays 2:00 EST World 6 P2p World 33 F2p

  1. Conclusion

That is all about the clan and I hope you like us and I will update are events when I get more and we get more active!! Please join us and have a great time!!

The Runescape Crusaders

If you want to join an organized, friendly, and wise clan with weekly events and PKing trips, look no further.


  • 60+ Combat with 50+ in Two Non-Combat Skills
  • 60+ Combat with 70+ Mage or Range
  • 50+ Combat with 2 Non-Combat Skills Over 60


  • Firefests
  • Gang Wars
  • Friendly Wars
  • Team Training
  • Clan Meetings
  • Snowball Fights
  • Congratulation Parties


  • Weekly Trips
  • Usually Friday & Sunday
  • F2P and P2P Pking
  • Multi Combat Zones

Drop Parties:

  • Fueled by donations, and Pking trip drops.
  • Our last Drop Party was well into the Millions mark for worth.
  • Very Organized and Fair
  • Possibly Questions for Prizes

So again, if you are looking for an active clan with many events, and very helpful at that look no further.