Lvl 76 Looking for Clan

Hey, I’ve just left my previous clan so i am clanfree at the moment.
If you have a clan which has the following requirements please post the website / forum in a reply.

30+ Members
Combat Active
Raids or Pks often
Website or Forum
Joining requirement of at least Lvl 50+

My Stats Include:
76 Combat
886 Total
63 Attack
62 Strength
58 Defence
53 Ranging
45 Prayer
40 Magic
22 Runecrafting
40 Fletching
41 Crafting
62 Hitpoints
24 Agility
27 Herblore
70 Woodchopping
50 Firemaking
50 Mining
43 Smithing
55 Fishing
54 Cooking
29 Thieving

I would like to invite you to join The Death Monkeighs, I believe we meet all of your requirements (except the 50+ req. one, we go by exact combat requirements, rather than just combat level, but i think 95% or so are over 50).
This is our thread (has the exact requirements if you want to see them):
Recruitment Topic

And this is our forum:
The Death Monkeighs

Thanks for considering us,

freedom pk3rs will take u happily and u meet the requirments here is the link . i hope u join.

we are new clan and are growwing bigger everyday.

we would be happy 2 recruit u and the requirements r 60+combat so check our forums were a new clan growing every day