lvl 80

hey everyone i dont have a pic because i dont know how to post em to the topic but ya im lvl 78 right now almost 79. I would like some support on my way. so if any of you could post here about comments or suggestions on where i should train and wat i should train on let me know. If you want to know my stats their at the site in my sig.

i reccomend lessers on karajama

I second that.

How do you get to karamja? Can f2p people get there?

I’m only level 69 myself but I believe the next step for the best experience, (after hobgoblins) is shadow warriors. I think they drop half-shields too…

I hear earth warriors are also great experience machines for level 80’s!

its easy just get 60gp go to port sarim and take the boat there its 30gp each way so make sure u have enough

its easy just get 60gp go to port sarim and take the boat there its 30gp each way so make sure u have enough[/quote]

If you find yourself on Karamja with no money, don’t despair!

You can collect a bunch of bananas and talk to the guy in the little house near the docks.

He will give you 30gp if you put the bananas in the crate outside his little hut.

…or you could kill the lesser demons in the volcano!

Yeah Karamja. But I rather have Lobbies if I was going to lesser.

Thieving - Ardounge
Agility - Brimhaven
Fletching - Seers
Helobre - Edgeville
Strength - Lessers in Kramja (volcano)
Woodcutting - Draynor (willows)
Fishing - Catherbry
Cooking - Catherbry

Thats really kool.

Nice one 619mage619, good tips.

If you are a member i strongly advise you to complete the legends quest because shadow warriors are amazing to train off :slight_smile:

if not, pick something easy like moss giants, lessers etc.

go for lessers :twisted:

good luck on getting to 80

good luck, i recommend if you have a hally, tav dungeon on black demons

lvl 55+ on lessers under that hobogoblins

thanks to all you that posted here. Um well i dunno if ima do legends for a long time. Wat level are they and wat do they drop? Im training on baby blues right now because they give 204 exp per and i kill em pretty fast. I just got a prayer and strength level the other day so im close to another combat level up ima be getting one more prayer level up (43 prayer) and one more hit level up and im also training defense 2 levels so if i dont get the combat off the hits and prayer level up ill get it off of the defense levels.

im lvl 87. i spent 38 hrs at white nights and got 6 lvls. personaly thats not too bad. you might want to fight lessers but greaters will give you more exp.

I’m at level 80 but my sig hasn’t updated itself yet I think. I’m almost at 81 now. I trained on white knights, skeletons, ice giants, black knights, pking, jail guards, etc…

Lessers aren’t particularly great to train on, they force you to use too much food.

i just got a hit lvl up i am now officially lvl 80 oh yeah and i got a lot of new stuff in bank sheck out my bank sale post please.

rs is getting overloaded with all these once noobs that now think they can train on high level stuff