lvl ownage! look here to make lvl 3 rangers clan that owns

ok heres the deal
both my main acnts were hacked and scammmed so i’ve decided who wants to make ranger pures with me. we’ll always be pking together so our combats should be around the same. we will start slow but over time we will start pking rune weps and tons of runes from pure mages. I believe it’s a good idea so reply here if you want to be in on a pure ranger clan. lvl 3s!

and by the way we have 3 members and the name of the clan is undecided so before you make your character w8 for the clan name

ok the name is now decided upon.

the name of the clan will be A.L Arching Legendz

so add A.L to the beginning of your newrangers name.