There should be a thread about music lyrics.
Have you seen lots of post there own lyrics.
They could post there lyrics or artist lyrics.
Like you know Magekill and Brad, have you seen them?
Tell me what you guys think of this?

I love the idea :slight_smile: Obviously, since I have been doing it.

And not thread, but forum/board. Maybe a sub-forum under Tunes. There should be though, because then we can decifer the different songs and not spam up the Off-Topic.

Good idea :smiley:

I feel ya… Sounds mad good. Like. The idea of a forum, just top have rap battles, or just any lyric battles for that matter. Mazel Tov :smiley:

Yeah I got a lyric coming up.
But I do not want to post it at General!
I want to post it in my suggestion forum, lyrics!

yeah this would be pretty cool just make a Music froum and put some sub-forums in there

Yeah but just put a sticky on music not a sub forum…