I have a idea.Mabye the RSR members and staff could all get together and have a party like on Friday nights.Like we find a house and we bring items have drop parties or we could have a trading session or have little games like who could get the ore the fastest or we could see who the best fighter is(but if you die you get your stuff back)and if your the best you get some prize.Well I thought this would be a good idea because this would get us all together on RS.If you think this is a good idea please tell me.If we want to make this happen then we could vote on the days Saturday or Friday and the time.

Hmmm I think it sounds like a good idea to me.I vote Friday.Like ummm 8:00pm

I might be a good idea but what if a spammer or hacker finds out about this and then, while every RSR member is on runescape having a party, the spammer could be creating hepas of spam. And there would be know mods or admin on to stop him.

i think its a great idea, but what about people in england and australia? i mean were in different time zones

its ok… but you should try to keep it between the members of the party :slight_smile: :wink: :roll:

the idea sounds pretty cool, it would be pretty fun 8)

Who would drop the items? You can’t expect the same people to be dropping the items again and again.

i agree, ppl would probably go there and wait to take stuff, i doubt anyone would be dropping anything. But we could have it lik once a month or something, or maybe once a year.

Hmmmm well thats a idea I never thought of…there shouldnt be many spammers and hackers now that you cleared the sight right?Also im not very good with time zones so I dont know. :oops: