ive found the dragon mace to be the best weapon in the game, and im wondering if any of you have come to this conclusion?

What about the Dragon long, or the dragon b axe? Just pointing them out cause I’m not a member but I do know that those are the other dragon weapons… I thought maces weren’t as strong as long swords or battle axes… Maybe because you can attack faster with a mace but oh well… I’ll let other people post their opinions since I can’t really say much…

well longsword and b axe are indeed powerful, but your not thinking along the right lines… anyone else?

The dragon mace has the most strength yes but it is not as accurate as the long or battle. It is slightly faster then the battle but the long is the fastest and most accurate and the battle acting like a two hander and is in the middle.

no, mace isnt that powerful… what it is is that mace is the fastest weapon with the “crush” attack. well the normal player’s armor includes plate, which has a glass jaw- crush

well its all a matter of opinion really…no1 can say whats the ‘best’ weapon really…they all have their good points :slight_smile:

well you have your opinion, i have mine… so whats your fav wep wayn?

i wish that there was a dragon 2h

or a 7 hander acoring to some one in the post “what if this happened”

I guess the dragon mace special does make it very strong, but I think other people like the dragon long and battle axe and halberd because they are strong as well, and they look good :smiley: .

I agree, it is a matter of opinion and nothing else.

ya its all a matter of opinion and in my opinion the drag hally is a great weapon

Dragon Mace - Strength + 55 Prayer + 5
Dragon Longsword - Strength + 71
Dragon Dagger § - Strength + 40
Dragon Battleaxe - Strength + 85

Hope this settles the Debate.

BTW everyone, Dragon Mace hits good on Rune Platebodies because Rune Platebodies are weak against Crush and Maces main attack is Crush.

i thought halberd is the strongest?

hallys have the highest slash att so it all depends on what you prefer to use

no they need a drag scimmy

a dragon 2h would kick a** :twisted: