what is macroing i have no idear

Macroing- Using programs or anything that will give someone an unfair advantage in the game.

Huh still do not understand

Using a program that plays the game for you E.G mining iron and dropping it for you or training combat while your not playing.

Macroers are more often found in RSC than RS2.

thx cyclops this topic can now be locked cause i know now

using other programs while you are playing in rs that will enable you to not have to do something and that the program will do it for you.

ehh its disgusting how much Macroing there is in RSC

You can spot macro-ers as they don’t talk back to you and they always seem to get whatever you’re trying to get eg. monsters when training, ores when mining…

Report them all!!!

i know…its so obvious in RSC

I use to “macro” in FFXI, but it was in it, like in “parties” (where you teamed up and went lvling with people the or close to the level as you, everyone had diff. jobs) I could go on hours talking about it, I don’t play it no more…oh well ! shuts up…

anyways, yeah I heard it was illegal in RS, plus I wouldn’t dare download any programs for a game like RS, you never know…