Macromedia Flash

Anyhere have any experience with flash? I downloaded the trial two weeks ago and I’ve been playing around with it and it’s really fun and easy to use. I’ve made a few little animations, but nothing really big. Here’s a really simple one I made like half an hour ago, just to kinda show you how easy flash is (this took like 20 minutes):

And here’s another quick one I made to show Flash’s neat shape morphing thing:

I know they suck, but keep in mind I’ve only had Flash for about 2 weeks and I’ve only been actually using it for a few days. I’ve only looked at one tutorial too, and figured out the rest on my own. Flash is also great for making animated sigs and things like that. (I’ll post an example in a minute)

Well anyway, I was just wondering, is anyone here an experienced flash user that has actually made some cartoons or something? If so could you give me any tips or anything on using Flash?

Those are really good animations!

Sure, there’re not really good compared to other ones but they look really good.

7/10 for first

8/10 for second

Thanks! I didn’t really even expect anyone to rate it, I was just showing what you can easily do with flash, but yeah thanks. I’ve made better ones than those but those are sort of the easiest to display for a quick example. And also I’ve only known how to use flash for a short time, so they’ll get a lot better as I get more experience.

they look good, i’ve always been interested in stuff like that

ive had flash for about a year. me and my friend are making a dawn of the dead remake… it is seriously the best. Its like the ones u find on stickpage etc (the same quality) and the voices are good too.
ps. try making games with actionscript lol, its hard but fun.
sickmate 8)

If you want to try it out, you can get a free trial here:

Just click on Try Flash MX 2004.

Nice. Can I see it when your done?..

Oh crap… I just died in wildy because I was typing this… just shows you how dumb I am to leave my character in the wildy while typing… damn…

Anyway, did you actually buy it, or did you get it free from your school, or did you get a fake serial code?

I’ll try making games sometime, but Actionscript looks a little hard to learn…
i reccomend that if you want top purchase it

HAHA the price went WAY UP since when i bought it, it doubled, i guess its always good to jump on the ball when they say “short time offer” on prices