made a 6 mil profit

well i bought a white p hat a couple days ago for 36 mil today i went to check prices and they where alot higher so i sold for 44 mil and made a 6 mil profit.

heres the pic

nice…6mill profit…dang…any way u r lucky to beable to buy low and sell high…without the lieing…dang 44mill…i could just think of all the magic hats i could have …

P.S.Just that 1 page of ur bank is betterthen mine times 10 lol

P.S.S. u got guts putting up ur bank after these ppl…keep on hacking…jerks…any way i g2g read my book “hacking for dummys”

Wow thats very nice lol, but you shoulda kept longer and made a bigger profit

Umm isn’t it a 8mil profit?

Good job anyway… NOW GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY!!!

your right im tired its like 2 in the morning here

A little brush up on your maths, Blink :stuck_out_tongue:

And um…2 bananas? Not really a fan of them, myself.

Nice profit there ;P, though you still never told me how you got your d chain :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

i was casting bones to banans for fun in wildy dunno why but when i went to find bones i found a lvl 85 in full rune drag long and glory ammy

Lol blink your rich. Just thought I’d let you know that and by the way nice deal you made. Yeah its really dissapointing to see all the holiday rares spiral out of control like that.

wow blink… but is that ALL ur money???

its an 8 mil profit!

8mil profit wow…nice. but now u dont have a nice shiny White PHat to go with ur full drag…i guess u could buy a red one or drag med though :huge:

thats cool 8mil profit i only have 4m…

u r so rish i hate u for it… lol do u have anyidea how long its gonna take and how many yews to get 8 mil for a whip? sheesh

Dam!! Look at your stuff! You lucky s.o.b! I’m gonna kill you and take it! Lol jk! But man your lucky! I wish I could friggin get some dragon armor…

Once Again…Blink Amazes Me With This, Big Big!! Screenshot…Cease Woman!! Lol Jk, Blink, Keep It UP!


lol 6 leather boots and 2 bananas…pfft whata n00b. lol jk.

knowing me i would die when i had 44 mill in invent lol

You should have kept it, pretty soon the price will go up to like 60 mil.

Blink… nice! You’re so rich and awesome… wow 6 mil profit…

Nice 8M profit, you should post your whole bank next time