Mage arena pictures

Can anyone get a few screenshots in the mage arena please?

Can I ask why?

Because I wanna see mage arena how it looks…

Just go there, when others are there they probably don’t take screenshots

I can get some by tomorrow… I g2 cast a bunch of claws of guthix…

Lol, thanks, Hey tell me about how you like your staff and how strong it is ok?

i did it a while ago…and the only hard part is gettin there without gettin pked

The hard part is killing the wizards in the arena when others can attack you

lol it was easy for me cus i was in world 77 and nobody was there.

no …they cant even hit u if u have protect mage on…so its e z

They still can hit you even though you got protect from magic. BTW, Hey Bloodyshado err, can you give me link to gods of glory website I forgot the web.

they cant hit you if you have protect from magic. trust me.

this is “screenshots”“all art apreciated here” whrs the art?

I want a picture of the mage arena duh.