mage arena

how long does it take to do the mini quest u think i can finish in like 30 mins? with lvl 60 mage :slight_smile: any tips will help…what runes i should bring etc

well it might take a while cuz pker will eventually get ya lol =)

ive nvr gotten pked there b4 and im not planning too

The quest won’t take long, but charging the staff will. GL.

not too long u can do it 20 mins or so bring a couple pray pots and protect magic and u are good bring all the nessesary runes for the spell

Bring 100 chaos runes and probably 20 deaths, takes about 1 hour if you dont have all supplies. Watch for pkers, get low lvled worlds and try as best and fast as you can go. Thats wat I did and bring Lobbies.

Bring alot of runes, and go early in the morning on a empty world.

For meh it took about 10 mins. Take 100 deaths, and 38 prayer is reccomended.


5 minutes max?

Ya, i agreez, the quest is easy, charging it’s the hard part. Pkers for one, you might die for 2 (for this bit just bring pray pots, good food ie lobs, swordys, sharkies if you can).

Well, You automatically get hit by one of the mages. Small chance you will get owned ;). Bring swordies+