mage + lag=death

Ok i got a pure ranger, ranging 40, hit points 30, combat level 27, and everything else 1. My armor is (soft) leather body and dragon vambs + chaps.

I was out in the wildy today when this lvl 32 mage, probably pure, attacked me. He did an 11 at me, but I took a swordie so it didnt hurt. After 1 or 2 spells he did another 11, and i had another swordie. Then he started to run, and just as I started to follow him, my internet lagged, which happens a lot since I’m on stupid dial up :evil: and i got disconnected from the game. Then it gave that attempting to reconnect screen, and right as it gave the message “Loading” that (or any other) mage started attacking me again, and since I couldn’t eat the swordies this time he totally owned me by the time the game loaded. Oh wait… as soon as it loaded I got another Loading… message, and this time I was in Lumby as you guessed :cry: . I lost the dragon vambs and chaps + over 200 iron arrows +100 bronze arrows + 20 swordies :cry:

So anyways, my question is how can I make the best out of my internet? It lags like hell and I can’t fix that, but do you have any tips on how to reduce the lag or what to do when it lags, etc? Also I need some suggestions on which armor I should wear that will reduce the damage done through mages. I can’t wear dragon body since it needs 40 defence and I dont wanna train the defence. So is there any other armor which’ll give me more protection against mages or more protection overall?


Well for ur lag…
Try a vius scan and make sure u arnt downloading anything. also clean out the cache(done with norton system works or other soft ware).
ps. cache is when ur comp memorises a page so it wont take long to load when u get on it again. in other words it kinda installs the site so it is quiker to access. but once u do this i sugest going to ur most recentlyy visited sites and load them up again cos they will take a while when ur on dial up.

sry for writing so much, i hope it helps.

if your not already try playing the game on low detail…thats what i do lol and i have dsl

lol i already play on low detail, and I deleted the cache and did the virus scan but nothing was found and it still lags. So anyways, any suggestions bout what armor to wear?

only thing i can think of is full dragon but since u dont want to get ur def to 40 i dont think theres a good armor for u to wear

my pentium 4 with my internet connection up to 1500kbp/s used to lag. I wondered it says it is supposed to be fast why isnt it? I found out it was because I had other programs open at the same time as runescape. Maybe thats your problem too?

Mine used to just stop alltogether (for some reason only when I was in the wildy) so I did a virus scan for the first time in about … a year. Now I do it everyday and it never lags. As for armor, without defence you really don’t have much. I’d just bring super defence potions.

YEs, you should also defrag your comp every 3 months to be safe.

yeh, i’ve been pking becuse of lagg too, but you dident lose allot, dont worry about it. :roll:

maybe u have viruses or adware or spyware, get some virus scans done, and some ad aware run also

i don’t think his problem is spyware. It’s definitely the dial up. Even if you had a brand new, top, of the line computer, dial up is gonna limit your internet gaming capabilities.

but yeah, check for spyware, make sure when u play, you have your antivirus protector off, since they drain a lot of memory, but i’ll leave your computer unprotected, i recently switched to cable from dsl, cable is faster, and installed a firewall which is the best thing you can do to prevent from messing up your comp.
Also if you run filesharing programs on your comp, make sure you shut them off when you play, unless you got a really fast comp

well dude ur gonna have to train your def. rather u like it or not other wise u will get owned 24/7 :roll:

he definatelt doesn’ have spyware/adware as it comes in a downloadable file, logs which sites u visit, and then pelts you with advertisments when u visit those sites agn. I used to get this with runescape ages ago but its fixed now

My friend lost his robin hood because of lag.
Try not to run multiple programs at one time.

all of you should just defragment your computer & also use disk cleanup!!!

dial up connections rn’t very good, maybe u should try getting a new internet?

  1. dragon pro, norton isnt that great. try and download AVG
  2. go to “my computer” then go to “c:\” then “windows” then cookies then delete em all… if it wont let you delete one or 2 then its fine.
  3. go to google and search “spybot s&d” and download it. then download “ad-aware” and use it
    thats ad-aware not ad-ware

ya that happened to 1 to many times when i had dial-up but now got cble so im happey. :smiley:

yea switch to cable
its faster and wont disconect
and if it does its rare

I had cable modem before, but I jsut got an upgrade to make it go 10x faster so I never lag anymore!