Mage or Melee ??

hi guyz i posted the other day about wat pure to make for pk’in, and i screwed up the levels stupid me so, again im here for help … :slight_smile:

im an f2p player and i wanna know a straight choice between mage or melee pure ?

please post which choice u think and then what minimum pk’in lvls i should get for each … (i.e. att, str, def, prayer and w/e else u guys think is nessecary)

thx again for the help, Ben

It really depends on how much you want to spend. Warriors are easier to use and cheaper.

depends on your lvls…

Mage is more accurate, and they will own with a team of Melee and rangers. But it is very costy. If you have the money, I’d go mage. Melee is just as good, IMO. Hell, you could even make a mage/melee hybrid!

Do all 3, range mage and melee if you really want to own.

well if i chose a mage what lvls would be good? would i just get magic and range up or is there anything else?

and for a melee just get up att, str to more than att and def 1 and maybe prayer, anything else for this?

btw money is not really an object but remember im an f2p player :slight_smile:

listenin to any advice, thx guyz

atm i got a range\mage hybrid :slight_smile: its cool i find a melle guy and they att me with armor on so i mage them and then they take it off then i range then they put back on they usually die wasting time

melee owns when ur with a group. lil groups of 4 are ok too

mages own solo.

and rangers are good in lil groups

how does this sound for a very low lvl pk’in melee…?

att 10 blk b axe or scimmy
str 32
def 1
range 5
mage 13
prayer 1
that would be 24 hit points and a combat lvl of 20.0250

plz tell me ur thoughts

Rofl try this.

40 att
40 str
40 range
40 magic
what ever hits and combat.

Both good ideas. I think if you really want to own in the wild solo or alone you should make a pure mage. Good things about being one…

  1. You can teleport away at low levels while other people cant yet.
  2. You usually get the kill a kill on a warrior no matter what if he has armour on.
  3. Rangers may be a problem just have food to keep you alive and you get kill them.
  4. They get costy when you go to death runes but they own then.

My pure mage is named uberthepure and I will give you the stats to it (magic,hitpoints,and combat level)

Magic level: 47
Hitpoints level: 31
Combat level: 32

At my level that is pure completely in mage. Anybody who is a pure that level will probably be that magic level or lower if they trained attack and strength and defense.

Just so you know to be a pure mage never train anything but range! It could mess up your pure completely.

PS: I almost forgot to tell you. You can train prayer.

if u become a member magic

and if ur f2p magic if u have a fair amount of money

59 magic is all u need for f2p that doesn’t even cost that much only about 800k all together with all the runes, 40 attack 60+ strength range doesn’t matter fire blast goes straight through green d hide neway. if p2p same again but get 60 mage 4 god spells or use iban blast—= p00nage.

For a low lvl pure, try…
40 atk
At least 50 str
1 def
40 range
59+ mage

IM currently making that pure above, i dunno what hp lvl will be, im not using teleports to train so im hoping for a good hp lvl. Il wear green d hide chaps and vambs, blue wiz top and hat, d fire shield. Then I will mage, with rune scimmy as my wep, usng the click spell to fire method, if they prayed or take armour off id melee them. I know the stratergy works as i do it on my main, im pretty sure the stats would work aswell.

i would choose all 3 lol i own with all 3 but mage cost alot

Try making a melee pure but with:

40 atk
40 str
25 prayer
At least 30 hitpoints
35 magic

This will own since you can cast fire bolt and take good damage if against another melee.

my mage is pure
mage: 29
hp: 17
combat 19
hits 12- 15
i find he fights better agianst havy armour warriors then rangers


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