MageKill vs. Phoenix1300

Have you heard about the signature battle between MageKill and I? Well, it’s too late now because it’s starting!

This is the battle of the century and the winner will receive the title of “Master” on the Respected Signature Maker List.

Here is MageKill’s entry:

Here is Phoenix1300’s entry:

Please vote for the best signature.

The first person that reaches to the number 10 on the voting poll wins no matter what the post says.

w00t go pheonix that is one crackil lackin sig

You take forever to post :grumpy:

Like I said…owned.

Ah well. Good luck.

You voting?

If you wish to vote for youself, you may.

I took forever to post because I couldn’t decide what my entry should’ve been.

Can I see the other?

Also, I’ll pay you in some form or the other; can I have that sig :)? I love it, its brilliant!

im not sure which to pick…they both own…eniee meenie miney mo!

okey dokie, its Phoenix!..

i also like it cuz magey’s backgtound i dont like as much as Phoenix’s!!

Yes, you may see the other signature.

Also, as beautifull as it might have seen, I’m not selling it. :slight_smile:

Both took merely 20 minutes. It really wasn’t that hard. ^ ^

I would’ve used that.

What about that, will you sell? Pwease :innocent:

Tut or .PSD would be loved. I want to see how you did it.

^^ You shouldv’e entered that one. :smiley: I like Phoenix’s more, but overall, I’d give vote to Mage. I think it’s blended a little better and it just catches my eye more.

I wouldn’t have. It was so much simpler and easier. :slight_smile: The one I am entering right one was endorsed by Chaos GFX members, which inspired me. The main reason I’m not selling it is because I am to use that signature to win some battles and win cookies. :snaggleto

Lets see and make this a Honest vote

Well i dont like Either of the sigs, but as far as i can see Phoenix put more work into his signature

now on with the C/C And meh point system

The render placement is good + 5
I see you tryed to make it look good +3
The colors are like not okay - 2
The text is not good either -2
thats 4 points for mage…

Lovely Render +2
I see you put alot of work in that signature +5
Some of the effects are well placed and good +2
I dont like thats its like 1 colored -2
And againt the Text is off… -2
5 points for you

Phoenix wins by 1 point

On this occasion Mage is worse then Pheonix. But Mage is still amazing!

Took me half an hour to fourty minutes. I couldn’t get it right.

Meh. I meant to fix the text :worried:

That made absolutely no sense. :tongue: How could you’ve liked my signature more and ended up voting for another. :tongue: Also, the render is well blended. :crying:

Thanks Nmknh, although, I didn’t put as much. Take it or leave it 20 - 30 minutes. :slight_smile:
I knew it! I should’ve capitalized the “P”

lol capitalz dont matter that much.

Well, Mage - you already know my opinions on yours. My vote goes to Magekill for multiple reasons.

  1. Mage’s is unique. How many signatures do you see like that everyday?
  2. Awesome blends and use of colours.
  3. I absolutely adore the background.

Phoenix, your’s is good. But, I see so many others like it. Same colours, same brushes, even the same render… =\ Overall, 6/10

Mage, your rating is still a 9/10 for me. I still dislike the text…

Thanks all who voted. Thanks Kayla.

Bleh. I’m mad :worried:. Not really, 'cause I knew I’d lose.

I should’ve fix the text :grumpy:

The text isn’t that bad… I might have been a little dramatic before, eh? Anyways, it’s not over until someone get’s 10 votes, right? G’luck to both of you.

I like Phoenix’s since it blends in very well with the text and colour.
MageKill, I still gotta’ say thats an awesome render :wink:

I voted for Phoenix1300.

Yeah, the best bit was the render.