How can i train magic easly and fast without loose very much money?? im 64 magic now, but i dont wanna loose much money… i just want to get 70 magic

well its still going too cost money either way yuo look at it all i can say is maybe rune craft 10k airs and buy as many minds as you can thats cheapest your geting man

ty, but goes it fast??

are you a member, if you are and u have 33 slayer fight harpie swarms, u can get loads of fire, chaos and deaths from em and they drop quite alot of money, so the trips pay for themselves, plus they drop mith chains and addy med helms you can high alc, i usually get about 10-20k per trip there, plus they drop lvl 2 scrolls quite often, i got 3 yesterday

wow, thanks for the tips… and yea, im member

well r u a member or free player

well… look above… im member

oh soz sometimes i dont read the long posts sometimes

u could go 2 an empty world and go kill the demon in the wizard tower, and use tele grab to pick up ur reward