Yepperoroni i got one to :P,but im not copying Alias cause i wanted to make this a while ago but i couldnt for some reason

Magekills Gift

Dama’s Gift

Jolio’s Gift

Alias’s Gift
Coming Tomorrow

Phoenix’s Gift
Coming tomorrow

Check back often to see if you got a gift already :)(ill PM or w/e ya when you get one…)

And we are back into the gift-giving season. Look what you guys have started :stuck_out_tongue: Pretty soon the Avatars/Signatures section is going to be filled with these.

Good work on the sigs, Maikel.

:stuck_out_tongue: thanks, but as long as everyone makes 1 thread for the gifts they make it wouldnt crowd up so much :stuck_out_tongue:

How did you know :sorry: ?
I was gonna make some gifts soon :yummy: .
Hopefully I’ll have some up by later todday :cheeky: .
It’s pretty good, Maikel. Except she’s giving me the “I am so going to kill you” look. :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t wait for mine :smiley:

It was my ESPN :yummy:

nudge nudge Nmk
I got one off ya, but yonks ago :tongue:
Nice sigs tho, i’d trade the secrets behind Double Bf for a good sig with PurpleSage on :wink:

Dama’s gift is up, Jolio’s on its way and short dont begzor

I started this whole thing XD. Rofl. I still find it hard to believe that I made the gift trend here on GR.

Nice gifts, Nmk. I like Magekill’s the best :tongue:.

:stuck_out_tongue: i know but still i wanted to make this like 3 days ago…and your gonna LOve Jolio’s when its up

EDIT: And its up

Wonder why…? Its not christmas :eek:. I’m probaly going to make one soon. I got some to give out.

Wewt! I love it :smiley: Thanks Maikel :thumbsup: Text just needs a bit of help :tongue:

EDIT- Really? I don’t care for Jolio’s much…

Mines the best :smiley:

Yours was the best IMO to :stuck_out_tongue: and i had 3 text layers so wich one :tongue:

And i dunt like Jolios that much either…Ah well tomorrow theres gonne be a few more gifts :stuck_out_tongue:

The main text ^^

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Any suggestions for the next time??

The placement is alright. Buttt. Lower the opacity, and add a border. So it isn’t lost, when lowered.

Is it just me, or is italized?

Hehe thanks its Italixzd and Ctrl+T effects added
PM under way on TR with DL link for Psd

Hey Magey, in your Other sigs/Gifts you don’t have the siggy I made for you. :smiley:

Woo Hoo Giftz!

Also you don’t have the sig I made for you in your gifts list miakel.

Ooo, I like Dama’s gift, it is really cool.