Mailing in for membership

When you mail in money for membership in runescape, jagex doesn’t mail you anything back right?

No, becuase it’s actaually PayByCash whichs recieves your mail order, then they usually just send an email.

Okay, whew, that’s way Iced told me

Where can I find the mailing address?

You have to sign up for membership on the official site. Once you sign up, they will give you the address.

on jagex’s website…

but how are you gonna get a stamp?

Listen, on there go to sign up for membership. Then click sign me up. Follow the instructions and fill in everything they say to fill in. When it gets to choosing how you want to pay, click on pay by cash or check. You will see a drop down box with different payment options. Choose the amount of months you want to sign up and then click ok. Once that is done, keep following the instructions until you get to a thing that asks, “do you want to process this submission?” Click yes and then it will say processing. Once that is done, you will get this screen that shows all your info, it will say to print it out. Then you are done. One that sheet, it will say where to send it.

If you sign up, do you have to pay?

If only I knew you guys in real life, then I could give you guys the money and you guys could send it in for me!

Yes you do have to pay if you sign up. You can cancel it if you want I think.

Is it against runescape rules if you pay by yourself, but you get someone else to mail it for you?

When you mail in money, do you have to include a return address on the envelope?

Why cant you mail it?

Because my parents don’t want me to. It would be so much easier if they let me mail it in or let me use their credit card and I could pay them back.

I wanted to give the envelope with money in it to one of my friends, and ask them to mail it to Jagex for me. Is this allowed? It is my own money that I am sending in.

Jagex doesn’t care if you send in the money, or Sally Sue two blocks down the street does, wither way they’re getting their money, so they’re happy.

Great hockeyav! So they won’t mind if they get two envelopes with the same return address? One for my account and one for my friend’s account? Because to get my friend to mail my envelope, I think I’ll pay for a month of membership for him.

omg infiltrator r u serious, i think you were on some kinda wacky drugs when you posted these messages

I don’t think it is the same person… and you can only send in payments for yourself or a family member.