Make Me A Thing I'll Pay 200k

make me one of those cool lil buddy things. make him wear, drag long, full rune, white gloves and boots, zammy shield. post yours here and ill pay the maker of the 1 i like best 200k cash of in game currency

i did 1 how do u like it?

its cool but id like to see more

ok but pm me if i win plz

ok. and is there a template of some sort for these?

yea but if i post it will i still get my 200k?

i guess if someone posts the template i could pay them

yup post template plz

is this what you mean by template?

btw i didnt make theseā€¦

Here is some I did, not what u wante, i could do that to if you want, or put words and other people in etc.

if u like plz PM me i will make u more and i can edit this one any way you want from wings to P-hats to santas i can give him almost anything

if first doesnt work(which it probably doesnt) heres a link