making a pure from scratch

hi, im new to pk’ing and i wanna make a pure pk account, so i going to make a pk’in pure from scratch.

i dont know what stats to train and which ones not to so could you guyz gimme some help.

i am 5 mins into this account so i can do the very best.

what stats should i train, which ones shouldnt i train, and what levels should i get to?

thx in advance for the help :slight_smile:

if i were you i would make a pure mage. It raises ur hitpoints and magic lvl. really really fast. But other people suggest to be a pure ranger, thats also good but being a pure mage is a better way to train :slight_smile:

i’m for pure warrior! Train just attack and strength (fishing and cooking too maybe, it depends…) and wield rune scimmy, power ammy (or strength) and monk’s robes.

The quickest pker to make is a mithril strength pure, which happens to be super-effective against low level wizards.

Get 20 attack, and 50 strength. Bring a strength potion, ruby amulet of strength, and full leather armour, and good food.

When you see a wizard that you can attack (below your level) drink your strength potion and charge. Because wizard will be wearing robes, you can hit even with mithril scimmy, and because of high strength you can smack them hard.

ur sayin that with mith schimmy cuz u cant afford r00ne :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers for the help guys.

i like the sound of the pure mage so if i chose to do this, what lvls should i be gettin ?

magic up and a bit of range for extra hit points? and ofc prayer to 40ish?
lemme kno all ur pr0 thoughts, also what do you think are the lowest lvls to go pk’in? and where is the best place to do it for an f2p play0r?


ur sayin that with mith schimmy cuz u cant afford r00ne :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. As I said, it’s the quickest way to make a good pker.

Good luck with your pure mage, you need alot of runes (prefferably, use the spell crumble undead to train in varrok sewers). The best place to pk depends on your combat level.