making a range pure, check its skills out!!

here are its stats im gonna get it:

ranging: 45-50ish
fletching:as mch as needed to make my own stuff
magic:20(for teleportation just in case)
mining:85(for mining rune to sell)
smithing:(what ever level to make iron throwing knives i forgot)
crafting:(kinda high to make green and blue full d hide)
armour for pking: green to blue d hide armour
yew or magic if i can equip it(ill try to get high enough to use magic)
lots of lobbies

rate 1 out of 10 and if somethings bad tell me plz!!

magic=bad the only thing you should raise is ranging to atleast 40+ and his hp which will naturaly level as you range. dont add any magic, or prayer, or def, as those will add unneccicary(sp?) combat levels. and then level any trade skill you want

ok, so how this?


hp:as much as i get
fletching:as much needed to make my own stuff
crafting:as high as i can get it to make my own armour
blah blah bllah u get the point…

sounds good but dude, all those trade skills will take along time to level, i recomend cooking and fishing so u can make ur own food when ur out pking. u dont need to really have crafting cuz ranger armor is relativly cheap.

ok, yes i know these will take awhile to get but ill be alive for like 78+more years anyway…

hmm, ok, so scratch the crafting? and should i only get mining high enough to mine mith ores and saell for money?

or u can just make money of the fishing/cooking but sure.

oh yeh, i could sell cooked lobbies for 300 each…ill should just get these finnall skills:

smithing:enough to make iron arrow heads and throwingknives

hows this? anymore changes needed?

wow gd luck take ages

do not get magic and its lvl 25 for the first tele spell

Lol dude he has the choice to mage or range…lol

looks good man.

i suggest u get fishin and cooking up only and range and magic for ur combat only (and of course hps…). magic is good for killin ur only weakness, warriors. u can teleport at lvl 25 as well as bind. binding and shooting is a great strategy that i use and i got many items by doing it. i also thing magic helps cuz it adds a few hp lvls and hp doesnt affect combat much.

i think you should get your defence and ranging up only! this is because to wear green,blue,red and black also defence effects your ability to wear these items. you must have +40 defence.

ok, hows this:
and blahblahblah…

but am i able to raise def while ranging?

only if you use long range…
EDIT: If ur making a pure pker, i told you NO MAGIC OR DEF

i want to wear the green and blue d hide armour and ineed 40 def i think…

uonly need 40 defence to wear green drag. hide body but u also need to do the dragon slayer quest wich lvls up ur other skills like att str. and defence

u have a point…i might just quit on making the pure then…

when u change that statsu will be a pure… i had a name and i had 49 range 20 def and 10 attack and i gave it away for free cause i wasnt a pure… u will not be pure with other high lvls of 10 i think,(just combat lvls mage attack eta.)

like everyone else has said so far… you need to change your stats a little bit or it wont be pure…