making custome sigs for free

this is now over mods lock this page

can i get

Liquid Satin with lightening over it

Robbie32164 - bottom right
75+ combat - bottom right

if that is possible

holy crap, with a name like that ur toast!!! jesus, and u probally have a main account on here, thetll track ur ip and ban them both. i mean i hate mods, ru serious '!!!

May I have Linolium backround, With The words “Superpiff0”
and “1000 + skill total” in Yellow, and sum firey effects scattered around the edge?

lol dude ur name is sweet…no offense mods

lol yeah its sweet i dont have a main i will make the sigs but i can only do the linolium one i cant understand the rest of them

You idiot…
What do you think we are morons?

I just searched the forums DB for 1tony6, and it appears that it has been banned.
I also remember that you making mediocre sigs for free on your old account, 1tony6.
No wonder you’ve got a grudge against the mods…for banning you.

And having read the rules, I’m pretty sure that you are not allowed to have multiple accounts on RSR.

Oh well, It’ll all come out in the IP address search.

ye defiantly like the name i wish i was a mod though

When will mine be ready?

there rubbish sigs

i cant find lenolium backround lol

ohh whoops sorry tony

so what do u need to know before u can make 1?