Making Free Avatars and Sigs

Im making some buddy avatars and sigs.

Here are the rules if you want one.

  1. You must put “Sig/Avatar made by Michaelks”(depends on which one I made) into your signiture.

  2. Tell me where you want the text positioned, backround color, and basically what you want it to look like.

Examples of my work are my sig and avatar.

Edit: I’ve decided to make free sigs and avatars, but I’ll only be making it for a few ppl.

Hi , have printshop, and adobe photoshop, but i cant figger it out, id luv for u 2 ake me 1, i dunno what do though, ty

  1. I will proudly put you made it.
  2. RuneScape Classic at top in white
    Austin893 in middle like a glowing blue or blue. Backround color black.
    All around my name,
    Attack: 60+
    Defense: 50+
    Range: 30+
    Prayer: 37+
    Magic: 50+
  1. I will give yout he credit for making it.

  2. If you could i would like you to make me an avatar and signature. I would like to have my clans name, Dawn Of Darkness, in the middle. and below that the requirements, 45+ Magic 45+ Range 50+ Combat. please do whatever you want but include those things and have a scan running up and down on both of them.

EDIT: have Leader Of DOD on top.

Thankyou, AsianGoku.

i need an avatar with like a scan going threw it with the flame background u have

  1. ill give u total credit is 1slip knot1