making history, treasure hunting log.

Apparently, I created a log for the treasure hunting, well most of u guys have different order or different treasure, so here is mine:

  1. 15 laws, 10 mithril ores, 20 steel arrows (relleka area)
  2. 40 run essences, 20 iron arrowtips, 20 fires (west of grand tree
  3. 10 mith arrows, 15 laws, and 39 rune essences (northwest of varrock)
  4. 39 rune essences, 20 iron arrowtips 30 water (near on of the banks
    at grand tree)
  5. SARADOMIN MJOLNIR!! 20 iron arrows 15 earths (south of fally, near
    air temple)
  6. 36 rune essences, 15 iron ores, 30 fires (south ardougne, near zoo)
  7. 10 mithril, 15 iron, 45 earths (southeast of ice mountain)
  8. 15 iron, 20 mithril arrows, 15 deaths (near burite dungeon
  9. 20 steel arrows, 29 rune essences, 20 mind runes (lumby swamps)
  10. SINNER ARTIFACT OF ZAMMY, AHHHHHH!! 10 mithril ores, 40 rune essences (al-kharid near duel arena)
  11. Jeez, a sinner artifact of the interior god of guthix, 15 iron
    ores, 40 rune essences (near digsite, key dissapeared)

Anyways, I’m happy to get the saradomin one b4 the rest. Here’s me with it:

sweet!!! that thing is kool!!!

I didnt really remember all the items i got but it was around 6 trips and i got those 3 mjolnirs all.

Yea, Treasure trails used to be rockin, before fagex messed it up, your what… 11 trails? would have garunteed you at least 1.1 mil worth of items, not to mention very likely giving you 3 pieces of god armor and probably a robin towards the end, but we all love fagex :slight_smile:

what’s wrong with jagex? At least i got the saradomin one before the others.

dange nice spear i wish i was a member and had 1

Rofl! Can I sig that?

On topic: Nice! You have all 3 of the spears! Im not very good at this treasure thing…

Err…it’s a new type of treasure trail at the end of the Making History quest, there’s still the normal treasure trail.

Lol, it’s not treasure trails… It’s the sub-quest after making history.

Btw: I did three, first time it was a load of arrows and mith ore; then it was ess, runes and mith ore; and finally some stuff and a Zamorak Mjolinor or whatever it is called.

I sold the Zammy weapon for 100k! I’m looking to find the Saradomin one…