Everyone who knows how to make money post your way here and share them i make money buy mining coal and seling for 100 each waht DO U DO

i make $ by pking

I make money by mining / smithing items and selling at the market :slight_smile:

I make gp by mining coal and selling them

100 coal 10k :smiley:

i make money by killin giants and sellin big bones :smiley: some peps buy like 300gp each

i sell smithed items for money or i kill the lesser in wiz tower and take the ocational rune med and sell for 10k

I cut magic logs and sell for 1 - 1.1k each. I can cut about 500 in a day so it’s not too bad. :slight_smile:

ooh ill try that blazing :smiley: nice way

Took about a week of nonstop woodcutting to get to that level. Also, be warned, cutting magic logs is very boring! I usually go on the forums or read a book and check my guy every minute.

pkin,craftin,minin,smithin,and um sellin crack lol jk but um…well mostly that’s it lol

:wink: i make munny by killin lvl 2 men and dwarves, goblins, al-kharid warriors, and also minin iron, then smithn it thn i sell it. well try 2. no 1 seems to want to buy the stuff i make. :cry:

well that’s cause iron i the second worst and noobs don’t have any money so ya u would have a difficult time unless u can high alch stuff.

Why not go Karamja Dungeon, and mine some gold, then sell it at the general store. Or if your member you could go west and smelt it…this is fairly quick, and high level smithing is time consuming.

i do whatever suits me best at the time, i look for great deals on items and then sell them for more than i paid. Btw, anyone wanna buy an ammy?


I fish and cook slamon and trout and sell them for 100 each to pkrs at edgeville, i also make strg pot and sell for 1 or 2k each

Must be noob pkers that buy the salmon and trout :slight_smile:
Another good way is to get a ton of herbs from the chaos druids and sell them to herblorists. They pay lots!

or zammy wines. btw how much they worth?

I have no idea :slight_smile:

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