Making Sigs..for a price...:-)

I’ll take one order at a time :slight_smile:

I want you to be VERY specific. The more detail you give me, the more detailed I can be with the picture. I’m willing to work for a rather low price, it really does depend on what you ask for.

Also, make sure to tell me if you care about brushing.

Reserved for Examples of Work

  • Fully brushed. Doesn’t look back but its no really pixel anymore.
  • Again fully brushed.

Reserved for WIP

ok, REAL nice sigs, but wich one are brush??

Last 3 are 100% Brush. I really don’t see why they aren’t pixels but oh well. :slight_smile:

how dont you know if you made em?

Did you mean “How do I know if you made them?”

Don’t you think someone would’ve claimed the artworks by now?

i meant how don’t you know why they wont be pixels and not called brushed if you made them

Oh wow, its a confusing question here…

Well apparently brushed requires no “effort”. I personnaly can’t tell the real diffrence but ah well.

hmm that doesnt look like no effort to me…

Are you selling the mage at the bottom? and what are prices?

Oh lol, I’m sorry but its my sig >.> All the characters are all my rs characters also.

Oh my gosh your too complicated!
Maybe you didn’t make those sigs.
Oh well…

You’re right, the monkies in my basement did…:wink:

My first WIP for a customer, :slight_smile:

As you can see, thats how it would look like if it were brushed.

I would like one. 100K if 100k is ok I will give an order.

how much they cost?

100k is perfectly fine :slight_smile:

Post in detail on what do you want. I do mean detail. (It costs more if you want a background) :wink:

oh kk
can i have like a sig with wildy background (makes people feel like your in the wilderness) me with full arhims (white p hat) and glory ammy casting guthix claws with guthix staff on a guy in full rune ( berseker helm) ,d long, and power ammy. Text to say fishyball thats all. :smiley: tell me price i bet its gonna be high…