Man Steals Poop from a woman walking her dog

lol :lol:

HAHAHA! Thats funny! I love Yahoo Oddly Enough, lol. That one’s great…

lol… that’s funny, though i think i heard it somewhere before…

Talk about an unplanned robbery. If he was any good at robbing people, he would have made sure the gun was working, and he would have planned an escape better. I’m just sayin’ the facts.

LOL, yeah… This story’s also in a book I own… But yeah, it was pretty funny when I read it for the first time… It still kinda is because “The criminal finally got what he deserved”… (That’s a similar quote to what my book said…)

hey that dde saucks he couldv used that poo for something lmfao like lighting it on peps doorsteps and rigning the doorbell then running and hiding behind a bush :stuck_out_tongue: