Man my friend is sooooooooo lucky…Heres what happend.Me and my friend were mining one day and then all of the sudden a rock golem at lvl 79 came and attacked my friend.I was chearing her on and when she finally defeated it she got a rune pick axe!!! 8O .Man I wish i was as lucky as her lol

I know what you mean… all my friends get free valuable stuff ll the time and I have to work for everything i have! Its not fair. I get the worst luck.

Wow, a rune pick. I wish I could get that drop! But I don’t usually mine anymore.

Ya we were both pretty amazed when she got it.

Tell your friends Congrats for me.I hope you too get some good drops infiltrator and Goku.

i hardly ever mine, but it would be cool to get a rune pick once in a while in a drop from the rock golem.

Well thats ok i guess, But i got something worth heaps more the other day. Does anyone wanna hear it?

well we know ur gonna tell us neways so go right ahead

man thats cool ur freind sure got lucky :smiley:

Well i was at burthorpe training on level 48 soilders and this guy was too i asked if he had much food he said no. He asked the same thing i said no. He was level 51 i was 63. I knew he had full splitbark so i waited around. He was going to sell me something and he says follow me to the bank and just then he dies! Therefore i get nealy full splitbark! He said i got lucky because he had to go to the loo and called me a noob :roll: people these days :roll:

Same sorta thing happened t me when i was chopping yew a tree spirit came out and i only just killed it and i got an addy axe!

Thanks Lady Love I hope I get some good stuff to.Wow neat story Flopster that is pretty lucky. :smiley:

i killed a golem and i didn,t get anything

Ya that usally happens to me alot.I gusse it was a really rare drop.

I once saw a mage die and i got 57.7k 986 air runes 443 mind runes and full mage suit.(not splitbark) He died from the drunken dwarf!!!

i mean once i killed 1 and got a note can u belive and it said 148 sliver bars

I just usally get a few earth runes and thats all. :oops:

erm, i’ve got 2-3 rune pick drops b4, its common really lol.

Yea mabye in your world. :roll: