Maple trees?

Can someone please tell me where i can find maple trees i cant find anywhere im a nonmember and where the heck are they please reply.

this should be in help
r u a member

no he isn’t hence the sentence… “im a nonmember”

I’ve been wondering this too…

I KNOW there are some in runescape for FREE PLAYERS some where!

o lol u cant get them u need to be member

You can get them… some where in free players or else they wouldn’t let you cut maples. or have it a free player option…

mapple isnt free i know

stop debating please im just curious cause i cant find any

I promise you non members worlds do not have maple trees. The fact you can hold them is just to tease you lol.

I hate… jagex… lol… J/k

it is true u can only hold them
there is no mappls in free places
i asked all my friends and looked it up

i say this TY to all u guys for your info and help

May the wrath of zamorak crush their puny heads!


it suck how u can’t get maple logs for urself in f2p

lol i am meber so i dont real care

kool. is being a member good?

way more fun the not being 1