maple trees

I think they should put maple trees in the F2P world cause how the hell are u ganna cut um if there there i mean it saids good to cut them trees but no F2P can get to um.Post what u think make sure its good does i don,t what arguments about why should F2P get more stuff:thumbsdow

Exactly! how can i make a prifit on woodcutting if all the good trees are on the mebers sid

none members can’t cut magic trees either! :mad:

i just think that all F2Pers should be glad that they even have yews…

i dont think Free players should get to cut maples…but its a bit weird that they are able to cut maples, but theres no maple trees in F2p worlds…

guys, no pleading for more f2p stuff, its in the rules.
and they will eventually make em f2p.
sickmate 8)

Hmm… Otherwise there’s an error in runescape… Or I’m seeing things, but if I’m right, they’ve made maple trees also f2p… But I heard also that they are very hard to find in f2p… I don’t know…

they arent in f2p. but u can buy the logs. like i said, they will put some trees in f2p eventually.
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they will put in the news if they do :graduate:

good point, they sould give f2ps maple trees, I mean, we can cut them, but WHERE are they?!?!?!

Having mpales for f2p would be handy but if ur so annoyed by it just become a member, it isnt hard

Yeah…I agree.
I spent some time looking for maples myself, but couldn’t find any. =p

If people like that game that much it isnt hard to become a member

yeah cmon if you want maples pay! You want updates then pay! 5 bucks a months is really cheap,you got yews,willows,oak, and normal and there aren’t any maple trees in f2p you should be happy with what you have!

if there only in members world then they should only members should b able 2 cut them

Yea, f2p already has enough and should be appy with it, they just recently had a ranging update and is going to get a rc update! what more do you want! If you want more stuff then pay!

Omg, I don’t believe this…
They’re merely pointing out that if you click for the woodcut advancements, it doesn’t say that maples are members only.
But there aren’t any in free servers.

You don’t have to flame him half to death…

Well its pretty much asking that they want more stuff, yes maples are tradable and useable in f2p but if they were to give you maples thenyoud ask for magics,then you’ll want more
And well i am litterally spoiled lol

i think that F2P get little stuff but how shall Jagex get the cash to let RS work if none pay and none will pay if F2P get as much stuff as P2P

They get the cash from ads and stuff it should b Free for all!!!