Mario Pic i drew

hey! i drew this pic of mario in my spare time im wanting to know if any one can colour and shade it?:scratchch


soz for the lack but imae shack aint working for me.

:smiley: Fnaa:D

thats a good drawing! Id color and shade it but I have to work on my own pixel first :frowning:

lol ok ty


Thats a nice drawing, If I had the tools I would shade it. x.x

I might Make another one later :smiley:

i really like it thats very good but no i cant shade it soz

lol its ok can people rate aswell pl0x?

kk i give it a 9/10 cause i cant do better lol

btw how long did it take u to draw it?

about 10 mins

kk in dat time i raise to a 10

w00t boo ya!

yer well have u read the post i replied bout the umm artic?

what you mean?

u know how u posted in the aritc bye bye thing? did u read wat i sid in my post?

hehe yea but i didnt seeu post

probaly not but i did post in it

i need rates people MORe rates EDIT: today iam adding njew one!

ohhh kool wat it look like?

not telling XD

PS: look in โ€œfnaa Fan Logo at last postโ€

lol sweet p0onage!