masks vers santas

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ok well green masks and blue masks used 2 cost more than santas

what made santas more than green and blue masks whats going on

if santas are 5.5m then green mask should be 5.8-6.1 and blue should be 6.5-7m or so and red mask should hit the 9m mark im really confused

what made the santas more than the masks i mean whats going on im curious :confused: :confused:

Probably because Christmas is near and since Halloween ended and you have to wait another year for it to me again. Santas beat green masks :slight_smile:

More people want santas and less people want masks… Simple!

Masks have simply lost their value. Santas should not be this much but for some reason they are. :stuck_out_tongue: Blame noobie price raisers.

Chirstmas is around the corner and people are preparing

Yea, Christmas is very soon, and Halloween pastted so…

Me being the president, I need this hat.

Casue and effect. You get one guy owning a santa selling at a higher price and another guy who bases his santa sale off that price then you get everyone selling at higher price because they want profit.

Also it might be because Christmas is near

but usually masks used 2 be higher than santas originally and masks came be4 santas and that now masks are lower in prices so ur saying thant next year in the midle if the year masks will be higher than santas like usual

Of course the president needs a santas hat :confused:

lol i would rather own a santa than mask they look dumb in my opion yeah raise the prices i love more profit and it aint being nooby too sell higher than its worth its being smart

lol mr president nice war ya got going funny thing i dont see any progress i keep seeing us body bags

Masks were above santas, until H’ween, where the noobs panicked and dropped the price of masks making all the masks drop in price about 1M. Santas haven’t changed, but at Christmas they will drop in price to evening out the system again.

so what the santas should be lower than masks and it moght get crazy with santas and next thing u know santas will be worth more than phats if it keeps going like this

my opinion i think that pumkins should be like the same as crackers and half wine because pumkins were the 1st holiday items

santas cost rmoe and mask wont rise mutch for a while sants will rise faster too

well u explained it good but how r u so sure that santas will decrease instead of increase on chrismas what makes u so sure ???

but i wonder also

why are pumkins only 3m when they should be like same as half wine or chrismas cracker because um pumpkins were the 1st holiday drops

theres alot of things a lil messed up with holiday drops